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Protechsoft's resources and the skills we bring to the business are our greatest strengths. We have dedicated and committed professionals with a wide repertoire of skills and experience. Protechsoft assists its employees through educational stipends to maintain their certified status and to remain current in their respective areas of expertise. We provide initiatives for education, conduct technical training and provide professional training to ensure our staff are current with respect to emerging technologies and tools. Regularly conducted performance evaluations allow all personnel to identify their areas of strengths as well as areas for growth.

Developing our resources along dedicated business lines allows them to stay abreast of all changes within the industry. Protechsoft carefully evaluates the specifications and the scope of work statements to ensure that the skill set of our proposed project team fulfills each client's requirements and expectations. Our teams follow established management and development procedures.

Project Management Overview

Protechsoft defines project management as the disciplined application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques. Our company has developed standard practices for project management, which emphasizes our commitment to delivering quality results to our customers. Protechsoft is experienced in managing both large and small systems development projects. We have managed substantial multi-year efforts, involving large public entities with a large number of stakeholder entities and resources. We have also managed projects designed to accomplish a single solution.

All projects require careful coordination of tasks to meet completion deadlines. Our successful project strategies and practices are based on ISO 9001 and SEI CMM Level 5 processes. Protechsoft has found that the key to the success of any project is having the right project management team in place.

Our management team excels in strategic planning, risk management, performance monitoring and communications management. They effectively and efficiently funnel tasks to various team members and have repeatedly delivered quality products on time. We follow SEI CMM level 5 development procedures to produce products of the highest quality.

Protechsoft has dedicated, committed and skilled professionals to perform various roles such as: project managers, system analysts, software engineers, business analysts, project architects, subject matter experts, testers, trainers and quality assurance specialists. Protechsoft also has highly creative graphic designers, content developers and web developers to perform web and user interface design. The table below summarizes Protechsoft's expertise

Programming Lanugages
Application Servers
Operating Systems
C, C ++,C# SQL +, SQL J Apache Web Server Windows 98/NT/2000
CICS, COBOL SQL Server BEA Weblogic Unix, AIX
Cold Fusion Oracle DNS Server AS 400
Crystal Reports DB2 Tomcat Server Linus, SCO Unix
JAVA, JavaScript Access IIS Server Sun OS, Sun Solaris
Java Servlet, JDBC Adabas MTS MVS
Natural DBASE Biz Talk Novel Netware
PeopleSoft, PERL IM DB/DC Sharepoint OS 400
Visual Basic RDBMS Websphere Unisys
Visual C++ Sybase Oracle 9i Vax
Visual Basic.NET MySQL    

Software Tools
Web Development Tools
Internet Technologies
Case Tools & Others
Lotus Notes Adobe Photoshop 7.0 HTML, DHTM, XML UML
Numega QA Tool Adobe Image Ready JScript, VBScript IDEF Model
Oracle Developed 6i Adobe Pagemaker Perl OOD & OOA
Oracle JDeveloper Adobe Premier TCP/IP, IPX/SPX ErWin
Platinum Tools Adobe Illustrator HTTP/FTP, SMTP BpWin
ERWIN, MSMQ Corel Draw 9.0 POP3, IMAP Oracle Designer
MS Office 2000 Macromedia Communication Server MX CORBA, COM/DCOM Rational Rose
MQ Series, SAP Macromedia Studio MX CGI, Servlets LDAP, OLAP
Power Builder Macromedia Authorware RMI,EJB MS Visio
TOAD Oracle Financials Macromedia Director MX ASP,JSP,PHP MS Project
MS Visual Studio Swish 2.0 ASP.NET Visual Source Safe & PVCS

We are always there to research and consult with you about which technologies provide the optimal cost/performance ratio for your software. Protechsoft IT Analysts and Software Architects will approach each case individually and propose the most cost-effective technical solution.

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