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Modernization of legacy enterprise systems introduces many challenges due to the size, complexity, and frailty of the legacy systems. Size and complexity issues often dictate that these systems are modernized, and new functionality is incrementally deployed before the modernization effort is concluded. This in turn requires that legacy components operate side by side with modernized components in an operation system - introducing additional problems.

At Protechsoft we highlight some alternative development approaches for incrementally modernizing legacy systems, including consideration of the advantages and disadvantages of each approach. These development alternatives can be mapped against the peculiarities of a particular modernization effort to recommend an appropriate approach. We realize that there is no single solution for all customers. Each situation is unique due to the variety in both their system and business environments.

Case Studies

Because of the large capital investment in Legacy systems and potential disruption of system support, it is preferable to find a satisfactory migration path from the Legacy system environment to the newer client server environment.

Many automation needs were met by existing Legacy systems developed in the early 90ís.
With the advent of Internet technologies business practices are changing and must be supported by new technologies.


Staged Development Methodology is our migration strategy.
A staged strategic plan that permits migration from the existing system environment to a new client server environment.

Cost/Benefit Analysis

Budget for improvements over a period of time rather than requiring a large one-time capital investment.
Less disruption in operations because functionality is provided in modules that address the customersí priorities for development.


Training executed while developing and introducing functionality in modules.
More user interaction and hands on training.

Why Protechsoft ?

Protechsoft's professional staff of business analysts and engineers assesses each clientís system architecture.
Determine the most cost effective, efficient and least disruptive solution to recommend.

Stage Migration Bridge

Linking the web server to the backend data resources contained in the existing Legacy system.
Development of new screens and functionality.
Web design and functionality.
Improve business functionality.
Business reengineering and design processes.

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