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Protechsoft's “smart solutions” allow potential benefits for public and private sector businesses and customers to enhance business efficiency and performance. Protechsoft is a leader in Internet technologies assisting organizations to take advantage of cutting-edge Internet technology and improve business performance. We open your e-business to marketplaces that have no limits and no boundaries. Our client tools help build rich applications for use on the Internet by connecting objects and open services. Most clients will be able to remotely control a virtual space within the server for their own needs. This gives you an incredible level of detailed control, as if they were sitting in front of the server without the expense of a dedicated server.

Protechsoft delivers technology solutions that provide proven results. We offer consulting, outsourcing, system integration, transformation, and networking. Multiple-domain accounts allow customers to host multiple websites from one account, which is great for resellers, web designers, web developers, and their clients.

Web Farm

Protechsoft's Web Farm offers standard or e-commerce hosting plans to suit all websites for:

Small Businesses.
Large Businesses.

Our experienced staff will provide your agency or organization with an e-business plan that will support your business model and provide a solution with the key ingredients for e-business.

Reliable Solutions.
Qualified Technical Support.
24/7 Uninterrupted access.
Seamless Service.

Storage Area Networking

Protechsoft provides a comprehensive open system Storage Area Networking solution built upon a state-of-the-art scalable architecture. This facilitates cost effective management and deployment of new and emerging SAN technologies. Our solutions enable customers to fully exploit a wide range of configurations starting from the very basic to the most complex storage area network configurations. In addition, our solutions offer network management and exploitation capabilities to deploy, allocate, maintain, protect and share network resources.

The key benefits of our Storage Area Networking include:

Reduced storage administration costs.
Reduced administrative workloads.
Maintain high availability.
Minimize downtime.
Multi-platform support.

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