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Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence

Protechsoft has considerable experience in conversion of code and data and has personnel with skills in various conversion tools, which would help carryout a conversion of any size effectively. The methodology Protechsoft employs in converting Code and Data is briefly explained as shown.

Inventory Analysis

Determine object inventory.
Ensure proper change management procedures.

Data Mapping / Collection

Create baseline data sources.
Create mapping documents between source and target.
Identify and extract information from free-form data, which includes names, address lines, dates and so on.

Data Analysis

Create reports which detail the quality of the data.
Provide software for cleansing of data prior to data conversion real-time or in batch.
Provide details to eliminate duplicates in large databases.

System Conversion

Protechsoft excels in converting applications. Whether it is on the same platform or across platforms, Mainframe to Mainframes, or mainframes to client server or web-based applications, some of Protechsoft’s strengths in this area are:

Dedicated development team with expertise in various platforms.
Keeping pace with growing technological advances.
Providing innovative solutions to deliver a quality product.

Conversion Testing

Prepare new environment.
Convert source code.
Convert data (systematic and manual).
Unit test programs.
Prepare audit reports to be compared with the baseline.

System Implementation

Prepare production environment.
Migrate application.
Convert data.

Data Mining

With the introduction of the Internet and the need to share, communicate, and analyze data among business partners, Protechsoft has found that our clients benefit from the development of a data warehouse to store demographic, current and past activity information regarding business operations and transactions.

Provides users with the ability to retrieve meaningful data.
Improve business operation.
The data warehouse becomes the enterprise hub for data storage and reporting, and the first step in providing data mining capability.

Why Protechsoft ?

Protechsoft's reporting application, the Federal Incentive Reporting Management (FIRM) application won a “Best Practice” award from the United States Office of Child Support Enforcement. The reporting tool is modifiable to meet reporting needs of many federal, state and local government agencies.

Award winning reporting systems.
Data at a state, regional and local level.
Verification and validation of data.
On-line and mandatory formats.
Mandatory reporting.
Local reporting for individual office units.

System Architecture

With the advent of OLAP technology, Protechsoft is developing data mining tools for our customers allowing them to determine their own data parameters and to access warehouse data through their local server to analyze data previously inaccessible and unreported.

A powerful tool that empowers managers, caseworkers and other staff to create their own reports to manage operations and caseloads of service.
Data at a state, regional and local level.
Provides and eliminates the limitation of predefined reports produced by Legacy systems

Infrastructure Analysis & Planning

Creation of a data warehouse.
Customers can determine their own reporting parameters.
Have true ad hoc reporting capabilities.
Managing and reporting.


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