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Your business depends on building long-lasting relationships with your customers. Now with Protechsoft you can quickly and affordably attract, grow, and retain profitable customers with its powerful and seamlessly integrated CRM applications for customer service & support, and marketing automation.

CRM initiatives must be carefully planned, implemented and monitored, or the results may be very different and the outcome less desirable than expected. We understand not only the technology solutions, but also the business strategies and customer strategies that will allow you to achieve your goals including:·

increased sales
decreased costs
improved retention
improved customer relations

The success or failure of a CRM solution will depend on how clearly your goals and objectives are defined. Our experienced team will evaluate and design a CRM solution architecture that best suits your business needs and the team will build a road map for implementation by conducting ROI analysis.

The analysis includes:

Identifying a CRM strategy linked to your overall business strategy
Performing Scope Assessment to clearly define the time, cost, and resources required for a given project. Protechsoft will help you identify business critical CRM processes and their boundaries and prioritize efforts against your business objectives
Performing customer segmentation and needs analysis
Developing of a Proof of Concept and a CRM Technology Architecture that facilitate a smooth deployment process and maximum business benefit
Preparing of an Implementation Roadmap and a Project Management Plan with sufficient process checkpoints to ensure smooth progress and a successful finish of the project.
Performing ROI assessment to ensure that there is no mismatch in expectations and results.

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