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Protechsoft places great emphasis on delivery of high quality products to our customers. Our development centers in India follow ISO 9001 and SEI CMM Level 5 procedures. All products and solutions developed must pass stringent quality testing procedures.

Quality Planning

We are committed to process adherence through process improvement plans. This includes allocating human resources and funds to create Software Engineering and Process Improvement Groups -SEPGs - who work to implement good practices and maintain high standards in every project.

Assurance, Validation and Verification

Roles and responsibilities are clearly defined and project reviews and audits are conducted regularly to identify non- conformance and verify compliance.

Control of Non-conformance

This involves identifying and recording non-conformance, performing a causal analysis and subsequent resolution of the identified non-conformances.


To improve the quality process, metrics are continously gathered and analyzed against quality standards. The Quality Team and Project Team combine together to set the Quality baselines for each project. They work together to ensure that the stringent baselines are met. After the closure of the project, the actual variance is analyzed - and relevant modifications are carried over to subsequent projects.

Corrective and Preventive Action

When internal Quality Audits result in non-conformances, corrective action is triggered through corrective and preventive action plans. The effectiveness of all such plans are closely monitored. Customer complaints are recorded with causal analysis and the management representative is informed. The complaint is responded to and closed after action is taken. An overall analysis leads to further preventive action.

Review and Audit of Assurances

Our management reviews and audits all Quality Assurance activities.

Quality Control

Quality planning is performed at a project level as well. This covers all procedures, processes, resources, etc., with detailed focus on the specific demands of the project. This ensures that everyone involved in the project understands the objectives and is committed to seeing that they are adhered to. No development work is even begun until the planning process explores how all the project requirements will be met and tested. Only after the stipulated criteria are met for each step during testing, does the process move on to the next stage for development. Once the project is underway, regular audits and reviews are also conducted to verify compliance or identify non-compliance in implementation.

Quality is a continuous process at Protechsoft - where organization-wide action is taken to increase effectiveness and efficiency of the software process. This means that we continuously concentrate on improving our own performance to ensure that you -the client - benefit. Our aim is to meet your expectations every time. We take a proactive stance towards quality moving beyond Quality Control to provide Quality Assurance, so you can be confident that your requirements will be met with predictable quality - consistently. Our stringent process ensures that high quality standards are reflected as results in your business, guaranteeing your satisfaction every time.

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