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Project Office

Requirements Management

Develop detailed requirements document based on gathered requirements. Track changes in requirements and perform impact on schedule, budget and quality of product.

Communicate and manage agreed upon requirement changes.

Detailed Design/Business process definition

Develop detailed business process documentation and detailed design documentation to be used by the technical team.

Configuration Management/Version Control

Manage versions of documentation and product. Protechsoft utilizes both third party and custom built tools to perform this function.

Risk Management

Perform risk analysis to identify risks with priority and probability of occurrence. Identify mitigation strategy.

Issue Management

Identify and document issues from all fronts such as technical, functional, users, resources etc. Document and prioritize issues. Establish escalation procedures and follow them based on priority and severity.

Project Tracking & Reporting

Prepare project plan with detailed WBS. Layout detailed project schedule. Track and monitor progress and compile reports per agreed upon frequencies.

Resource Management

Hiring of resources, sub-contracting and all human resource functions.

Communications Management

Establish proper communication protocols for various phases of the project and ensure that they are being followed per the guidelines.

Access to large pool of world-class developers
Longer workdays - Reduced development cycles
Proven reduction on cost
Follows ISO 9001 & SEI CMM Level 5 certification processes


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