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Client Site Office

Business Case Analysis

Analyzing and concisely presenting the benefits and justification of change. Examining the internal and external impacts of change and calculating expected Return On Investment (ROI).

Requirements Definition

Gather business, technical and user requirements to help make appropriate decisions on design and functionality.


Validating the gathered requirements are consistent and identifying anomalies for further exploration. Substantiating that a system can be built to satisfy all requirements.

Scope Management

Defining the boundaries of the project. Ensuring that the stakeholders are in agreement on a project plan outlining what will and will not be done.

Standards for User & Business Interfaces

Define the User interface standards that will be followed as strict guidelines during development.

Change Management

Identifying areas of business process changes and risks involved on the project. Working with client in realizing product acceptance.

Deliverables Management

Track and report deliverables on schedule. Escalate issues and risks that might affect deliverables. Generate executive reports on project completion, including project summary, goals and milestones achieved.


Train the 'Trainers' or the entire user group as may be required. Conduct class room training and/or web enabled training as applicable.


Delivery of module and documentation that meets the project plan. This may include deployment of the source code, setting up of databases, training the user group and operations staff and providing 24X7 support.

Post Implementation Support

Provide rapid response team for critical fixes. Establish issue resolution and escalation procedures.

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