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Protechsoft specializes in commercial grade solutions for enterprise parallel computing. We put in a tremendous amount of effort to help our clients get the best return on investment possible from their clusters by providing versatile, reliable software and technical support. This allows our clients to use their computers and produce valuable output instead of spending their time making software adjustments or fine-tuning.

Protechsoft will help you identify

New comprehensive capabilities to manage and secure data for e-business and enterprise transactions through state of the art interoperable standards-based middleware.
Help build an e-business application infrastructure to e-enable your businesses. Unleash the power of the Internet on your e-business applications.
Completely setup, configure and secure enterprise data access from a centralized location across a wide range of databases using state of the art architectures, proven platforms and standards.


We provide reports that are detailed with independent evaluations of middleware technologies. Software architects, project managers, analysts and developers who need to thoroughly understand the many features and capabilities of various middleware technologies refer these reports. Our evaluation reports contain unique insights into the performance of middleware technologies. We feature products that have been used to develop multi-tier business applications. The implementation of these applications is described and used as a basis for comparison of key technology support features such as:

Directory Services
System management
Messaging Scalability
Database Integration
Language support
Object support
Design issues

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