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Supporting Governments to Support People's Lives

Government organizations need to access and track massive amounts of information and be able to provide large-scale solutions rapidly and efficiently. In this age of automated government systems and e-Governance, it is essential that public sector customers take advantage of the latest technology to improve delivery of service and meet mandatory requirements.

Among the areas of Government services that Protechsoft specializes in are child support, court & legal systems and case management. Our experience with state and local Governments has given us expertise in designing, developing and implementing systems that can handle the demands of government alliances thus enabling governments to make use of technology advances to serve their citizens better.

Products and Services

We have a skilled team of professionals who have specialized in the field of government support systems and have developed a range of products that meet exacting standards. We are dedicated to applying new technology to the development of the "Next Generation" of public sector systems. To ensure that all our products and services are of consistent high quality, our professionals follow IEEE or equivalent standards. We offer a full range of IT services for Government -with special emphasis on Child Support Systems, Case Management and Claims Processing.

Child Support Systems

We have specialized for 6 years in the area of Child Support Systems and have been involved in the successful design and development of certified PRWORA mandated child support automated systems. We have developed and implemented a new concept in child support systems to support case management and delivery of services through new technology. Our Federal Incentive Reporting Management systems, developed for state and local government has received designation as a Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement "Best Practice". We offer solutions that effectively meet federal tracking requirements and support case management needs. A critical part of our methodology is the creation of a data warehouse to serve as a multiple data source. This enables large amounts data to be accessed simultaneously. We are engaged in creating a third generation web-enabled, certified child support enforcement system that is state-of-the-art.

Court and Legal Systems

We have worked with court clerks and judges in developing systems to provide them with efficient customer support while meeting their statutory obligations. This includes transfer of case data and innovations such as e-Filing made possible by our new case management design. We understand legal processes and the complexities of automating traditionally intense paper driven processes. Our web-enabled case management systems are adaptable and provide new and innovative solutions to the legal community through the use of new technologies.

Case Management Application Systems

Our Case Management Application System (CMAS) is a robust and complete application which has a wide range of screens, reports and functionality. It enables caseworkers to access and keep track of information simply and efficiently without wasting their time - or their cool. It seamlessly integrates with statewide applications to deliver effective solutions for wide spectrum government requirements.

Key Benefits:

Provides the latest technology solutions that help meet federal requirements.
Increases efficiency and improves performance 'Smart Solutions' - Web-enabled and PRWORA compliant systems - designed to make case management easier for workers and managers.
Strict adherence to standards to interface with other programs and practices throughout multiple enterprises and permit exchange of critical data.
When it comes to handling large amounts of crucial data and delivering critical services, you need the support of systems that deliver consistently and efficiently. Our government support systems offer you the technology expertise required to help you help people.

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