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Protechsoft is aware that our success depends on our ability to attract a high and retain quality staff. Due to our continued growth, there are always openings for professionals who are highly motivated and possess a commitment to quality that will allow Protechsoft to continue to provide its customers excellent service.

Protechsoft offers competitive compensation and benefits as well as providing an opportunity to work on innovative and exciting new programs.


Protechsoft provides a wide range of medical benefits through its medical plan which allows our associates and their families the freedom to use quality medical services.  Maternity benefit is also included.


Protechsoft provides a range of dental benefits which enables our associates and their families to access dental care at lower out-of-pocket costs.


Protechsoft provides a comprehensive vision plan which includes coverage of eye exams, eye glasses and contact lenses.

Paid Time Off & Holidays

Protechsoft has a generous paid time off and holidays.

Life Insurance

Protechsoft provides life insurance coverage for all associates at no cost to the employee.

Accidental Death/Disability Insurance (AD&D)

Protechsoft provides Accidental death/Disability insurance coverage; the cost of this insurance is paid by the company.

Short-term Disability Insurance

Protechsoft provides short-term disability insurance; the cost of this insurance is paid by the company.

Long-term Disability Insurance

Protechsoft provides long-term disability insurance; the cost of this insurance is paid by the company.

401K Plan

Protechsoft provides this plan for eligible associates with a company matching a percentage of  associates' contribution.

Training and Certifications

Protechsoft provides assistance in pursuing certifications by paying for testing fees. Training opportunities will be available on new technologies that are deployed by Protech. 


Protechsoft carries out R&D in order to provide next generation solutions to its customers. Employees are encouraged to participate in R&D.

Flexible Spending Accounts

FSA helps in reducing the tax liability of the associate as it helps to pay for qualified expenses with pretax dollars.

Employee Referrals

Incentives are paid for any qualified referral resulting in professional level hire.    


Associates will be paid bonus to recognize and encourage their performance  and for going the extra mile.   

Permanent Residency

Protechsoft will process green card at its expense for eligible associates.


Protechsoft believes in bettering the health of the associate and their families and will pay for membership fees in fitness club. Protech also provides for other miscellaneous benefits such as warehouse memberships.

The benefits package is subject to change from time to time. Benefits may also be subject to limits or restrictions

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