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System Testing

Protechsoft understands that reliable systems are significantly important to the success of businesses. Specializing in test strategy, planning, risk assessment, configuration management and all phases of test design we can assist you in achieving your information technology goals.

We recognize that positive, thorough and well planned testing can prevent system failures. We also use automated testing tools across all platforms, applications, networks and operating systems to ensure effectiveness for our clients.


Effective planning is an important approach in executing tests to validate that a system meets requirements throughout systems development life cycle

Set Test Objectives
Develop Test Plan
Execute Tests
Summarize and Report Results

System Testing Approach

Test strategies.
Uncovering test critical success factors.
Setting measurable test objectives.
Applying test techniques.
Developing a test plan.
Using function/test matrices.
Recording the results of testing.
Regression testing.
Developing test reports.
Making test efforts reusable.
Test measurement.
Performing a risk assessment.

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