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Security Architechure

Protechsoft provides extensive security management and assessment services for clients that may require a consultation-based service, fully managed services, or a combination of the services offered which include.

Security Architecture Design

A client's infrastructure requires flexibility to accommodate the ever-changing need to intercommunicate with remote employees and partner organizations, possibly extending across the globe. Security vulnerabilities within external, internal, or remote employee systems all can affect the integrity of a client's systems, data, or reputation. Protechsoft can assist clients in securing systems and keeping them secure without hindering the ability to do business by providing various secure technologies.

Vulnerability Assessment

Network and system security vulnerabilities are not uncommon in the operating systems and integrated devices on the market today. Protechsoft provides services, which include a full risk assessment of a client's IT infrastructure to identify a number of potential risks.

Network and system security vulnerabilities
System or information exposure
Remote access methods
Disaster recovery
Intrusion detection

Security Policies and Procedures

Data and the supporting information systems are the heart of IT operations in almost every sector of government and private enterprises. The challenge of warehousing and maintaining these data centers is difficult enough without the additional challenges of maintaining levels of security needed for a client's data confidentiality. Protechsoft can assist in designing, educating the client on, and implementing a security policy that protects against unauthorized exposure of a client's information assets.

VPN and Firewalls

Remote workers and offices present a common challenge to businesses from small to worldwide enterprises. Remote access workers can benefit a flexible company by having the ability to work from virtually anywhere. Remote access is evolving in many ways from high-speed access solutions, many different VPN technologies for different operating systems and vendors, and a number of advancements in encryption and authentication technologies as well. Protechsoft can leverage a client's infrastructure to provide for a remote workforce through those technologies.

Intrusion Detection Systems

Internet and extranet enabled systems have high exposure possibilities for intrusion from outside sources, but even isolated LANs can have questionable employees or physical intruders attempting to access corporate resources for theft or destruction. Protechsoft can offer a number of solutions to meet a client's intrusion detection and recovery needs from simple single system detectors to entire data center recovery for the worst scenario in event of a major intrusion.

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