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Project Management

Protechsoft is experienced in managing both large and small projects. We have managed substantial, multi-year efforts, involving a large number of project entities, resources, and stakeholders. We have also managed short-term projects designed to accomplish a single solution. Each type of project requires careful coordination of tasks to meet completion deadlines.

Philosophy that produces results.
Detailed project plan.
Minimizes risk.
Client Interaction.

Project Plan

Realistic project plans.
Monitor actual progress on a continuous basis.
Utilization of automated management tools.
Management and risk assessment.

Project Tracking

Our preferred automated tools are OPTS, created by Protechsoft to monitor project progress, issues and time and Risk Radar.

Reduced storage administration costs.
Tools for assessing project risks.
Microsoft Project.

These tools also allow us to keep the client fully informed about project progress and risks throughout the project.

Risk Management

We identify risk on a continuous basis and develop mitigation strategies to produce the desired results for the customer. We take pride in producing quality services, on time and within budget.

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