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Professional Services Automation

Technology to turn expertise into enterprise.

In a demanding professional environment you cannot afford to lag behind. You need to deliver results. In today's business world, this requires extensive hands on experience in project management, enterprise optimization and software technologies, implementation and deployment. Professional Services Automation (PSA) has been designed to specifically meet those needs.

Our PSA solutions are an integrated set of business software and services that help project-driven businesses operate more effectively. We streamline business processes and improve communication and collaboration among internal teams, clients and business partners. Our PSA is a global enterprise system that manages customers, people, finances and complex processes of Professional Service Organizations. Designed to help businesses increase profitability and improve customer and employee loyalty, it delivers high quality solutions for your business. Our suite for PSA provides a comprehensive set of Web services within a highly configurable portal interface; empowering project-based organizations to more effectively manage their finances, resources, projects and relationships on a global basis.


Key Benefits

Enables you to share and exchange relevant information via easy to use web interface.
Manages pipeline for effective planning.
Optimizes resource deployment.
Improves communication and execution.
Streamlines administration and billing.
Serves as a single repository of customers, people, projects, knowledge and financials.
Enables collaboration via intranet, extranet, and e- Business hub.
Efficiently manages the life cycle of a service or project engagement.
Provides access to key information from anywhere.
Enabling you to optimize all your resources, our PSA delivers value for money. Putting your business right where you want it to be, on top of the chart.

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