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Optimizing resources. Reducing costs. Improving performance.

There are no second chances in today's highly competitive environment. Your manufacturing company needs to deliver faster than the competition, synchronizing your performance with customer and marketing needs. We make the implementation of a rapid response framework more possible than ever before.

We offer solutions for organizations with single or multiple manufacturing plants, covering complete planning and control functions. Our solutions enable you to completely automate and streamline both internal and external business processes in the manufacturing cycle. You get the same industry leading products being used by the world's largest companies - integrated with pre-configured implementation, training and support services, when you use our Third-Party Product implementation services. Or, if you are a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME), then our product, ProWorks is the ideal Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for your enterprise. Covering everything that SMEs need to create a real-time enterprise.



ProWorks (ERP)

ProWorks, the future of manufacturing, offers a fully integrated end-to-end manufacturing system, enabling you to run your business efficiently. From order processing, sales, supply chain planning, procurement of material, to Finance and Human Resources. Ideally suited for discrete manufacturing and semi process industries, ProWorks is an ERP solution that works single client, multi-company environment.


Simulation training solutions for better plant performance.

The hydrocarbon industry has been experiencing dynamic changes in recent years. To maintain safety, stability and efficiency, the need for effective, systematic operator training programs is been increasingly felt. The secret of making your plant work optimally and safely depends on harnessing the potential of your human resources. They are the assets who extend it to its limits and make sure that you get maximum return from your investment.

What is ProSimulator?

Enter ProSimulator, a high-end simulation based training platform for plant operators. ProSimulator provides opportunities to manipulate systems to simulate all possible emergencies and abnormalities, including plant startup, and emergency shutdown that an operator will have to face, when placed in the actual process plant control room. This ability of personnel to respond to micro second variations in the parameters of a process plant, ensure optimal production and absolute safety. ProSimulator offers real-time solutions to real-time problems. Combining years of operation and simulation experience, ProtechSoft has made possible a technologically advanced dynamic simulator - the ProSimulator designed to meet your training needs for personnel ranging from fresh operators to experienced engineers, all at an affordable cost.


Pro-Optimizor is our advanced process control and optimization tool to configure your plant and ensure optimum performance. It can store, analyze, investigate, report and present data the way you require. Pro-Optimizor is pre-engineered tool designed in line with DCS / MMI operational requirements. Using an open architecture software development package, it allows complete flexibility to simulate processes dynamically and in real-time. It is suitable for a wide spectrum of applications, ranging from process operator training to complex control system studies and optimization.


Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

Helping companies bring the production floor to the planning room, MES aligns production floor goals with the overall goals of the organization. From finite capacity scheduling and lot tracking, to statistical process control and machine maintenance operations, MES solutions provide companies with day-to-day operations to drive their production processes. MES solutions provide the flexibility to plan, schedule and control multiple manufacturing facilities, centrally or in a decentralized manner. These solutions offer cost simulation, pre-costing of work orders and final work order costing - helping comparison between the estimates, pre-costing and final job costs. MES solutions minimize inventories and Work In Progress (WIP) to maximize your competitive advantage. A streamlined information flow increases production and improves material handling efficiencies. This creates a real-time information loop between the customer and the status of their order in production.

We offer the following services for MES:

Business Case Analysis
ROI Analysis
Requirements Analysis
Package Selection
Custom Application Architecture & Design
Implementation Planning

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

SCM lets you deliver the right products - to the right place - at the right time - at the best possible price. Providing the infrastructure you need to build a technology backbone that will support your entire supply chain. Our solutions let you streamline your operations and enhance all aspects of your business. Manufacturers can monitor and correct any situation in the entire supply chain - outstanding purchase order delivery, vendor analysis, enforcing engineering change control, or shipping final goods to the customer. Benefits across the supply chain include reduced lead times, lower inventory levels and tighter control on all functions from sales order forecasting to order delivery.


Our Lean manufacturing system meets high throughput or service demands with very little inventory. Work with you in developing your lean strategy, prioritizing changes, and implementing them to the point of self-sustaining continuous improvement. Implementing "Lean" creates superior financial and operational results. Eliminating waste and enabling continuous improvement. Lean solutions integrate and enhance existing systems. Our Lean solutions have been developed to serve manufacturers at every stage of the continuum. Whether your company is new to Lean, having trouble "making Lean stick", or looking for incremental benefit to a successful Lean program, our solutions can help.

Third Party Products

We provide fully integrated solutions for your organization in strategic alliance with software giants and industry leaders such as JD Edwards, i2, Oracle, SAP, Baan and PeopleSoft. We offer services that combine expertise with superior technology to provide secure, reliable, completely integrated enterprise architecture to power your business. We address all your technology and applications needs including security, integration, and implementation.

JD Edwards

J.D. Edwards offers fifth generation enterprise solutions. It draws on the best of architectures and brings out a comprehensive set of products under one umbrella. J.D. Edwards 5 also provides a path into the future for customers using its solutions- OneWorld and WorldSoftware.


The Oracle Database is an information management solution built on more than 20 years of providing industry leading solutions that allow organizations to efficiently store, manage, integrate and use business information. Whether driving web site, packaged applications, data warehouses or OLTP applications, Oracle11i Database is a foundation technology for any professional computing environment.


i2's integrated solutions is built so that companies can concentrate on that part of the value chain that will give them highest return on investment. These solutions span SRM, SCM, and demand chain management to enable end-to-end workflow. Within these broad solution sets, i2 helps companies monitor, decide, and act on information to make long-term strategic decisions. i2 SCM dynamically manages the supply chain within a company and across companies. It provides multi enterprise visibility, intelligent decision support and execution capability utilizing open, real-time collaboration with trading partners.


SAP has solutions that are open and flexible, supporting databases, applications, operating systems, and hardware platforms from most major vendors. It upholds the highest quality standards and delivers unparalleled levels of performance. It is appropriate for virtually any organization, from global enterprises to small and medium sized businesses. SAP business maps focus on the core processes and functions that can increase your company's ability to compete, strengthen your relationships with partners, and help your company become closely oriented to the markets and customers you serve.


Baan effectively uses the Internet to improve the flow of money, goods, services and information in and around your enterprise. Baan Solutions help your company do more business, more profitably, with more customers. Baan supports market leadership strategies and disciplines in manufacturing, logistics, sales and service businesses. Its services approach is flexible, providing a 'best fit' to your specific business, organizational and project requirements.


PeopleSoft applications support numerous hardware and databases including mainframe, midrange, or PC workstation. Users can easily migrate to different platforms based on their evolving requirements as their business grows and changes. PeopleSoft applications are highly scalable and reliable.

Key Benefits

Real-Time Customer Collaboration - Anticipate customer requirements, drive profitability, and strengthen customer loyalty by working collaboratively with customers, suppliers, and employees.
Real-Time Employee Collaboration - Efficiently manage your human, financial, and services costs real-time from one scalable, cost-effective and easy to use system.
Real-Time Supplier Collaboration - Manage your purchasing online, integrate your front- and back- office and support such core processes like order-to- cash, plan-to-produce, and procure-to-pay.
Improves cost structure and customer service levels, and decreases back orders and lost sales through accurate Demand Forecasting.
Effective Inventory Management optimizes buying power and inventory levels across multiple warehouses.
Achieve improvement in on-time delivery performance, order-to-ship cycles and excess inventories.
Reduces procurement process costs and maverick purchasing through e-Procurement.

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