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LAN/Wan Maintenance

Ensuring the highest level of reliability throughout the organization is a necessity for today's business needs. Our goals are simple, provide quality and cost effective service in terms of a stable environment where employees can accomplish their day-to-day work and not lose productivity because of system downtime. This means maximizing uptime for network servers, stabilizing Network connections, workstation configurations, reliable network resources and thereby increasing employee productivity.

Why Protechsoft ?

Protechsoft has the complete expertise knowledge and resources for LAN/WAN solutions and support services. Our staff is experienced, certified and are trained in the latest hardware and software. Protechsoft Network Engineers support multi-vendor, homogeneous and heterogeneous Network Environments.

Protechsoft offers a variety of solutions and services, which include but are not limited to:

LAN infrastructure and Administration
Desktop Management
Network Server Administration
Hardware configuration management
Virtual Private Networks
Software License Management
Installation of Email systems
Backup, Antivirus, Remote Network Administration and Management

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