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Protechsoft's development centers are connected through a well-linked communication process. We have the necessary infrastructure in our development centers to leverage quick project start-up. Our development centers in India are linked to our project offices through dedicated access lines. These overseas development centers have the capacity to accommodate up to 300 resources and can easily act as an extended IT department to our customers.

Project Management Experience

Protechsoft has expert project management teams which have successfully managed large and complex projects to completion under their astute leadership. We follow established procedures in project management for strategy planning, risk control and communications. Our management team has vast experience in managing multiple projects involving many stakeholders.

By providing successful onsite and offshore execution through a combination of tact, skill and experience, Protechsoft is able to meet and exceed the expectations of its clients.

We have created a world class knowledge-networked work environment from where our employees develop high quality solutions to clients. A multi-dimensional approach, planned to support growth and technology advancement, ensures that the solutions we architect for our clients are built in a most productive and effective manner.

Client Connectivity

Based on the specific needs of each client or engagement, client connectivity is typically achieved through one of the following:

VPN (Virtual Private Network) links between Protechsoft and client networks
Network connectivity through our local network points-of-presence
Dedicated link to any of our Offshore Development Centers (ODC)

Dedicated 24x7 network management teams support these centers to ensure uninterrupted client connectivity and seamless management execution across various locations.

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