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Prescriptions for improved Healthcare

Rapid changes in the field of technology have revolutionized all areas of healthcare, challenging healthcare professionals to re-engineer the efficiency of healthcare case management and patient services. The Portability Accountability Act has effectively ensured that no healthcare player or provider is untouched by change. We bring you solutions that help you meet your objectives -keeping you in the forefront of current developments. What Protechsoft Healthcare solutions can do for you:

Our Healthcare Solutions use cutting edge technology to bring you a whole range of administrative and patient management functions to streamline the running of your hospital or practice. From storing large volumes of data, helping you keep track of appointments and supplies, to simplifying day to day tasks our solutions are designed to save time and improve efficiency. Letting you focus on patient well being. We also offer highly expert consultancy in the field of medical insurance claims and the protection of vital patient data. An experienced team of professionals has developed a range of products and services that are especially geared for healthcare professionals.



Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPA A) consulting services - We help you standardize and secure all electronic patient information, enabling you to protect confidentiality by meeting HIPAA compliance. This also includes providing web-enabled solutions to exchange claims information. Our expert knowledge ensures that you meet the standards required by HIPAA and are fully conversant with current needs and legislation.

Our HIPAA practice covers the following areas:

HIPAA Compliance Assessments
System Reviews
Security Planning and Implementation
Remediation / Implementation
Technology Updates
Periodic follow-up and assessment

Why Protechsoft's Healthcare solutions are the healthy choice:

Streamlines overall performance
Saves time and increases efficiency
Is cost effective
Is backed by technology expertise and quality assurance
Is designed by professionals that understand the needs of the medical industry

Whether it is managing patient care or patient confidentiality, meeting your professional requirements or keeping you updated on current legislative requirements - we ensure that you are fully equipped to face the health care challenges of the 21st century.

Protechsoft. Your strategic partner in technology.

If you have a challenge, we at Protechsoft have a solution. Established in 1995, we offer a comprehensive range of IT products and services in key domains and we also deliver functional solutions that are non-industry specific. We have a team of experienced and highly skilled professionals and consultants who combine technical skills, in-depth industry knowledge and commitment with business understanding to provide custom-made solutions to meet your specific requirements.


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