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Financial Services

Protechsoft business and technical analysts have a wide array of professional skills. We have domain experts in a variety of business areas and among our strongest areas are financial services.


Protechsoft technical and business analysts are experienced in financial areas and applications, from programming financial applications for the World Bank to Child Support Enforcement. Initially, it was Protechsoft's knowledge of child support accounting and distribution for which our state and local clients recognized the company. We continue to excel in the financial field.


Our financial suite of services is provided in a Windows environment via the Internet allowing access from multiple points of entry if required.

Internet technology permits business organizations to improve customer service due to the simplification of screens and improved User functionality.
Combination screens permit Users to answer account questions quickly and easily.
The Internet application gives the organization improved customer access to their financial information.
Provide direct customer service for payment and transfer of funds.
Direct services via the Internet permit accounting personnel more time to work problem areas, manage accounts and provide other services.

Online Financials

Among Protechsoft's financial services are the following:

General Ledger
Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable
Allocations/Distribution of Funds
Check Writing
Payment Processing
Audit Trails
Verification and Validation of Data
Customer Service Centers


Protechsoft and our professional staff provide financial solutions that meet the business needs of our customers.
One solution does not fit all
Our solutions are developed to improve client productivity, permit security of information and lower operational costs.
Focusing on key objectives we are able to design a solution that puts the client in control of financial processes and provide them with the data and information required to manage financial operations of their organization.
Cost effective and efficient

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