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When you bank on Protechsoft, your customers can bank on you

In today's economy, banks face rapid change, tough competition, shrinking margins, new technologies and demanding customers. Consumers expect instant access to up-to-the-minute information about their accounts, round the clock. Integrating customer requirements with cutting edge technology, we provide solutions that enable you to meet the demands of the 21st century.

We offer the most complete and efficient set of banking solutions and technology, from customer management to strategic planning, sales, financial management, and enterprise wide control -all engineered to work together. Combining key industry-specific components for profitability management, risk management, customer relationship management, and fully integrated customer account systems.

We provide solutions in the following areas:

Core Banking Tele access
Total branch automation ATM Connectivity
Trade finance Any branch banking
Fixed asset management Anywhere teller
Loans and Investments Integrated Voice response
Cash Management Signature and photo capture and retrieval
Fund management Inter branch reconciliation
Payments Remittances Web Access





Key benefits

Facilitates introduction of new products in a short time
Seamless integration of front, and back office processes.
Supports real-time multi-channel, multi- product services.
Integration of cost controlling and financial accounting means data needs to be entered only once.
Delivers faster applications to the market through the "buy and build" approach.
Reduces the number of integration points.
Enables the understanding of individual customer profitability.
Improves customer service.
Increases performance measurement.
Permits customer-level differentiation in sales and service.
Enhances risk management.

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